Health – Sustainability – Tourism

A ten-year strategy has been established by BACD which focuses on three pillars of development for the town of Ballinasloe and surrounding areas.

  1. Healthcare & Wellness
  2. Sustainable/Smart Town Living
  3. Tourism – Specifically Eco-Tourism
BACD 10 year plan

Pillar 1 – Health

Objective: Position Ballinasloe as the Centre of Health Care Excellence in Ireland

  • Implement the Re- imagining Plan for St Brigid’s Hospital.
  • Reinvigorate the current talent and resources.
  • Devise a specific work plan that will in a decade make the town a one stop location for healthcare needs.
  • Utilize the current synergies that can be found from the UL teaching in Portiuncula, the AIT Nursing programmes / National Ambulance / Paramedical College.
  • Aggressively seek new partnerships, linkages to the new Shannon Technology University that can foster use of space, BACD or otherwise for post graduate activity or graduate startups and some off campus site specific teaching or tutorials.
  • Understand from the HSE, Dept of Health and Saolta as to medium and long-term development plans for Hospital care complex.
  • Research any medical training gaps that could be quickly filled by the town.
  • Become a centre for elderly care.
  • Promote active retirement.
  • Promote the legacy of Mental Care and The Mental Hospital.

Pillar 2 – Sustainability

Objective: Become a Sustainable Town

  • Implement the S.E.A.I. master plan.
  • Encourage a healthy living environment.
  • Position the town to avail of future EU funds.
  • Develop Ballinasloe as a key remote working hub in Ireland.
  • Continually upgrade the infrastructure of the town.
  • Promote Ballinasloe as an attractive investment hub.
  • Market & Promote Town’s position with soft marketing.
  • Enhance sense of community ethos.
  • Reduce the building dereliction rate by 50% over plan.
  • Maximise cooperation of both municipal district councils.
  • Improve knowledge sharing and communication within our community.
  • Reach out and empower our non-nationals to deliver plan.

Pillar 3 – Tourism

Objective: Position Ballinasloe as a Destination Centre of Tourism in The Hidden Heartlands

  • Increase tourism night stays and spend by 50% during the plan.
  • Ensure that the Cycleway/ Greenway is routed through the town.
  • Re-establish Ballinasloe as Fishing / Boating destination on the River Suck.
  • Promote the Town / Region as an Historical / Ecclesiastical centre of Ireland.
  • Unlock the potential of the Aughrim Battlefield, ensure by 2030 it is as well-known as Boyne or Kinsale.
  • Create brand collateral for Ballinasloe.
  • Develop & support current and new festivals and events.
  • Create a Creative Cluster Strategy.
  • Develop an Events / Convention hosting strategy. Bid for Slogadhs, Fleadhs, Annual Meetings of large sporting and cultural bodies with hospitality sector.
  • Work with the Vintner / Hospitality Sector in offering mid-week value packages to the nearby Third level campus societies and clubs for their overnight outings and events.